Wolverine nuclear blast in detail from RSP website

Rising Sun Pictures posted details about their work on Wolverine movie including shots I have been working on.

“[…] For the atomic bomb attack, which occurs in an early flashback sequence, RSP artists worked from archival footage to produce a CG model of Nagasaki and the towering mushroom cloud produced by the bomb. They also created radioactive shockwaves, pyroclastic waves and debris elements for shots showing the destruction of the prisoner of war camp where Wolverine is being held. […]”

Check out full article [HERE]

Siggraph 2013

Siggraph 2013

Hey people! Siggraph is coming soon, let me know if you want to say hi and grab a drink or two!
Also do not forget about NextLimits 15th year anniversary!
See you at the Siggraph 2013!


New, Wolverine Atomic Bomb clip with scene I have been working on in Rising Sun Pictures!

FXGuideTV about my work at Weta in 2012

FXGuideTV: “This week we’re at Weta Digital to discuss the liquid geo displays and Krypton comm systems from Zack Synder’s Man of Steel.”
Check it out [HERE]