Journey2 Breakdown

Rising Sun pictures posted breakdowns of our effects for Journey 2 movie. You can check out cool tricks we used like animated HDRs 🙂

Vanishing Waves trailer

There is new a trailer for Vanishing Waves movie (directed by Kristina Buožytė) for which I have worked as vfx on-set supervisor.
Don’t forget to check out their Facebook site [Here] for more details!

Realflow Siggraph 2012 Showreel

Next Limit released their new showreel for Siggraph 2012.
You can find there few of my shots from vinamilk commercial, awesome! interview

I have been ask for an interactive interview (Q and A) for polish cg community site –

Unfortunately, whole interview is in Polish language but google translator is doing pretty good job. You can check out translated version [Here]


RSP Harry Potter 7pt2

Rising Sun pictures posted on their site short story about creation of Harry Potters 7.

You can check out full article under [This] link on their official website.

Also check out awesome [Breakdowns] and full [Crew] list

Journey 2:small is large & large is small

FX PHD posted long and detailed article regarding creation of Journey 2 movie. You can read in deep about fx done by several vendors, including Scanline, Pixomondo, Method Studios, MPC, Rising Sun Pictures, Trixter and ICOVFX.
If You are a a lucky member of FX PHD insider, you can check out an interview with RSP digital effects supervisor, Mark Wendell [Here]

I have pasted a most interesting part of article – my work on that movie,  in Rising Sun Picture 🙂

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RSP Journey2

Rising Sun Pictures posted on their site short article regarding creation of Journey 2: Mysterious Island movie. Read the whole article [HERE]

Also check out full RSP [credits]

VINAMILK Probeauty


Full Crew List:

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Weta Oscar Party

Who is going to win the 84th Academy Awards for Visual Effects?

.. and the winner is:

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Radio Kampus live dj gig

Yet another awesome live radio gig in polish radio station – ‘Radio Kampus‘ (97,1 Fm) together with dj Harland, dj Badyl, hosted by one and only dj Ant!

You can still listen to it by downloading MP3 [Here]


Cinesite: John Carter Of Mars


Cinesite has posted interesting technical breakdowns of their work on John Carter of Mars movie on which I have worked on.

You can check it out [Here]

Melancholia (making of)

Platige image posted very interesting ‘making-of’ of their part on Melancholia movie.

As a small part of that great team, I would highly recommend watching that video!



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Essential Killing (making of)

As a part of a Platige Image crew, I will highly recommend watching this Essential Killing making of from Polish Platige Image studio. You can also read a short story about this project below:

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Bison commercials for Platige Image

I have been working on two Zubr (Bison) commercials for Platige Image studio. On those projects I have been responsible for creating fur tool (that could be used in future commercials), grooming, shading, lightning and rendering.

Here is a little ‘making of’:

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