CGSociety about my shots on Wolverine with breakdown

CGSociety posted an interview with Tim Crosbie (RSP VFX Supervisor) and Prema Paetsch (RSP FX Lead) regarding shots I have been working on (Nuclear shock wave simulations).

[…] The shock wave’s effect itself was created using fast fluid sims and some particle sims as well, running along the geometry based on that LiDAR. This was all based on the pyroclastic work that the team had done in the previous shots across the bay.[…]

you can read it [HERE]

FX Guide about my shots on Wolverine!

FXGuide posted detailed review on VFX done for Wolverine movie featuring my shots with nuclear blast.
“It was a combination of deconstructing the location that was there, so that we could then re-build it back up again. So all the huts, guard towers. The whole location was LIDAR’d so we could reconstruct the area. And then we destroyed them, we blew them up using a combination of smaller explosions to make a larger one.” RSP relied on the Bullet solver inside Houdini 12 to create the explosion effects.

you can read it [HERE]

Wolverine nuclear blast in detail from RSP website

Rising Sun Pictures posted details about their work on Wolverine movie including shots I have been working on.

“[…] For the atomic bomb attack, which occurs in an early flashback sequence, RSP artists worked from archival footage to produce a CG model of Nagasaki and the towering mushroom cloud produced by the bomb. They also created radioactive shockwaves, pyroclastic waves and debris elements for shots showing the destruction of the prisoner of war camp where Wolverine is being held. […]”

Check out full article [HERE]

New, Wolverine Atomic Bomb clip with scene I have been working on in Rising Sun Pictures!

Journey 2, Second Breakdown

Yet another breakdown of Visual Effects done in Jounrey 2 movie by Rising Sun Picutres featuring my own shots!

check them out!

Journey2 Breakdown

Rising Sun pictures posted breakdowns of our effects for Journey 2 movie. You can check out cool tricks we used like animated HDRs 🙂


RSP Harry Potter 7pt2

Rising Sun pictures posted on their site short story about creation of Harry Potters 7.

You can check out full article under [This] link on their official website.

Also check out awesome [Breakdowns] and full [Crew] list

Journey 2:small is large & large is small

FX PHD posted long and detailed article regarding creation of Journey 2 movie. You can read in deep about fx done by several vendors, including Scanline, Pixomondo, Method Studios, MPC, Rising Sun Pictures, Trixter and ICOVFX.
If You are a a lucky member of FX PHD insider, you can check out an interview with RSP digital effects supervisor, Mark Wendell [Here]

I have pasted a most interesting part of article – my work on that movie,  in Rising Sun Picture 🙂

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RSP Journey2

Rising Sun Pictures posted on their site short article regarding creation of Journey 2: Mysterious Island movie. Read the whole article [HERE]

Also check out full RSP [credits]