Realflow ‘marking script’

Posted on August 22, 2010

Free script for Realflow!

This script will help You with selecting and passing on particles between two emitters without any collision or link between object-emitter.
It has two equations, plane equation and simple radius of a sphere.
It is better to use sphere (with sphere equation) cause it will be much faster then plane equation.

Plane equation is for simple objects like cube, cylinder, cone, capsule but less triangles are used the more speed You will gain.

You can also use simple triangle or plane – it will act as infinitive plane and remove particles that are in back of it (use normal display to see which side it is facing)


Place script in “Event Script” window (just replace existing lines of code).
Script has also nice gui, on first start it will ask to pick a nodes (which emitter you are going to cut particles from and where to put them so it’s good that second emitter will have speed of 0) after that You will have to choose an object that will act as marking tool (cube/cone or sphere).
Last step is about choosing an equation so if you have choosen a sphere, select sphere equation, if other object then select plane equation.
You can also choose to forget those settings or save them (just in memory) so if you fire up simulation second time you will only get a form of previouslly choosen nodes or again a picker as it was on first start.
Script comes with attached example scene file.


Realflow v4.x and v5.x

Feel free to post any comments and suggestions.


RF Script site


Sample usage done by Igor Jovanovic:

RF5 new “Sheeter” deamon enabled to retain beautiful coherent fluid shape without holes in it, and Albert Szostkiewicz’s custom made “Object marking script” enabled me to tell which part of the fluid i’d like to transfer to another emitter which didn’t have Sheeter deamon applied to it, and to make those ripping edges with few more deamons.

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  1. Jannis Singh November 15, 2012 at 12:15

    This script works only in a few cases right? I tryed it to use in a Tube to kill all the outside particles… But didn’t get it working right. Do you know something like an “in mesh” test that I could use instead?

    • Jannis Singh November 15, 2012 at 12:35

      And by the way, happy birthday! The internet knows everything! 😉

      • tmdag April 14, 2013 at 15:33

        hahah, thank you!

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